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The Jewel of the Caribbean

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Best of Colombia

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Magical Colombia

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Best of Colombia


Best for: Culture, Nature, Highlights

Bustling city streets, authentic fine dining, breathtaking natural landscapes, world-famous coffee, history and tropical Caribbean islands. 

Best of Colombia Map

DAY 1-3: Bogotá

If you have a week and are looking to explore the highlights of one of the world’s up-and-coming travel destinations, our Best of Colombia itinerary gives you exactly what you need. Your trip begins in Bogota, the Colombian capital and a bustling metropolis, bursting with history, art, and culinary delights. You can choose to check into the city’s leading luxury boutique hotel, showcasing its stunning Spanish colonial revival architecture, such as hand-carved wooden doors, and ornamental ironwork, or a whimsical and elegantly curated bed and breakfast in a trendy side of the city. A private tour of the city’s cultural highlights will take you to the historic Candelaria district, where the cobblestone streets lead to significant landmarks such as the Plaza de Bolívar and the Gold Museum, housing one of the most important collections of pre-Hispanic gold work in the world, as well as authentic food and flower markets. You can also ascend to the Monserrate Sanctuary for a breathtaking panoramic view of the sprawling city below. Next, you’ll explore Bogotá’s contemporary art scene with an expert-led private tour of leading galleries, artist workshops, and vibrant street art in the Chapinero district. Your evenings can be spent sampling some innovative cuisine in the city’s very best restaurants, blending authentic Colombian dishes with inspired modern flavours.

DAY 3-6: Coffee Region

From Bogota you will head into the heart of the Coffee Region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and land of towering wax palm trees, unique wildlife, and some of the finest arabica coffee beans in the world. You can stay at a luxury hacienda, enveloped by the verdant countryside, where you can indulge in a private tasting of the home-grown cocoa beans to appreciate the nuances of Colombia’s finest cacao. A private tour of the breathtaking Cocora Valley and picturesque villages of Salento and Filandia will allow you to appreciate the beauty of this unique region. A visit to a family-run coffee plantation will reveal the meticulous process of coffee production, from harvest to cup, amidst the stunning backdrop of the Andean foothills. You can also enjoy an early morning bird-watching expedition that will allow you to spot a variety of endemic and migratory birds and learn about some of the more than 1,900 recorded species that call Colombia home. Your evenings can be spent kicking back in a hammock appreciating the cinematic views of the surrounding landscape from the veranda of your hacienda.

DAY 6-9: Cartagena

Your final stop is the jewel of the Caribbean. One of the world’s most romantic cities, with a magical aura that flawlessly combines history, luxury, and relaxation, Cartagena is the perfect place to enjoy year-round sunshine. Upon arrival, settle into a luxury colonial home, where the past meets the present in stunning accommodations. A guided tour of Cartagena’s historic Walled City unveils centuries-old fortifications, colorful colonial buildings, and lively plazas that tell the tale of the city’s rich history and cultural heritage. A wealth of delicious street food, local markets, and exotic fruits allow you to dive into the customs of the local people, whilst a private excursion to the first free African town in the Americas will give you an essence of the cultural diversity that co-exists within Colombia today. Your nights can be spent strolling through the magical cobblestone streets of the colonial old town, written about extensively by Gabriel Garcia Marquez in many of his classic novels, and enjoying some of the very best dining options in the country.