Did you know that Colombia has over 1,000 native folk rhythms, more than any other country in the world? Everywhere you travel you hear music. Its two coastlines, Caribbean and Pacific, couldn’t be more different to each other. One is home to arguably the most romantic city there is – colonial, colourful, magical Cartagena. The other is wild, untamed, almost inhospitable, but the place where whales come to mate and frolic in the surf.

The Andes splinter into three upon reaching Colombia, three spiny fingers of verdant, green mountain ridges perfect for growing the best coffee in the world. This is a country where you can see the majestic snow-capped crests of the Sierra Nevada while lying in your hammock on the beach. Or perhaps you prefer staying in a floating riverboat hotel on the Amazon, watching the dolphins at play.

The best part is that Colombia remains a largely undiscovered country as far as the international traveller is concerned, offering you a real adventure and a chance to discover new frontiers, something which is becoming increasingly rare in today’s modern world.