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Off the beaten path

Colombia boasts a range of hidden gems waiting to be explored. From the Pacific coast, where whales can be observed in their natural habitat, to the secluded and timeless towns like Mompós, offering a window into the past. For those drawn to the call of the wild, a river safari in the Amazon rainforest offers a unique glimpse into one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the best lesser-known destinations Colombia has to offer, perfect for travellers looking to explore beyond the beaten path.

Villa De Leyva

Just a few hours from the capital city of Bogota, the iconic town of Villa de Leyva is one of the country’s finest colonial gems and steeped in history. Home to stunning white-washed buildings, centuries-old churches and colonial architecture, photogenic cobblestone streets and the largest town plaza in Colombia, there is a reason that it’s such a popular getaway destination with the locals.



Nestled in the Andean region of Santander, Barichara is considered by many to be the most beautiful village in Colombia. Lined with quaint cobblestone streets and stunning colonial architecture, it offers a unique opportunity to connect with the lesser-known parts of Colombia’s history whilst enjoying the peace and tranquility of the surrounding mountain trails and countryside. You’ll find artisan workshop, exquisite local crafts, and a town that embodies the concept of slow living.


Toucans, scarlet macaws, anacondas, spider monkeys, caiman and sloths are just barely scratching the surface of all the variety of wildlife that calls the Amazon home. This after all is a river that is 240 km across at its widest point. Perfectly still lakes provide an unforgettable canvas for jaw-dropping sunsets, everything that you see in the sky reflected in the mirror-like water, while pink dolphins play around you. Experiencing the Amazon is something that every nature-lover should do at least once.


Providencia is Colombia’s most picturesque tropical paradise. Located off the coast of Nicaragua in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, the island has cultivated a unique creole identity entirely different from anywhere else in the country. It is home to some of Latin America’s most beautiful beaches, lined with cinematic palm trees, laid-back beach bars and exquisite local seafood restaurants.


A town once described by Gabriel Garcia Marquez as a place ‘that does not exist’ due to its remote location and dream-like characteristics, Mompos evokes a dazzling sense of nostalgia and time gone by. Widely considered to be the closest present-day version of One Hundred Years of Solitude’s magical town of Macondo, the easy going pace and rural way of life – which exist in harmony with the surrounding rivers and mangroves – provide the perfect backdrop to reflect, disconnect and unplug.


For those looking to appreciate the rugged, unspoilt pacific coast of Colombia and experience some of the country’s most unique wildlife, Nuqui is the perfect destination. With no roads in sight, there is very little human encroachment upon the dense jungle, which rolls seamlessly onto the black-sand beaches. Between July and December, Nuqui is also home to one of Colombia’s most breathtaking natural experiences; a mass influx of humpback whales that make use of the coastline to play in the surf as they mate and raise the young.


A vibrant city known fondly by many as the salsa capital of the world and home to a plethora of world-famous musicians, Cali is the perfect place to appreciate and enjoy one of the most important aspects of day to day life in Colombia – dancing. Whether taking part in a class yourself or simply watching from your seat, the atmosphere is infectious, and the people some of the friendliest you will meet.

SAn Agustin

The birthplace of Latin America’s biggest collection of religious monuments and megalithic sculptures, the largely uncharted town of San Agustin is another one of Colombia’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In its archeological park, Gods and mythical animals are ingeniously represented in a remarkable collection of pre-Columbian artworks and sculptures dating as far back as the 1st century.

The Lost City

Nestled deep within the dense jungles of Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains lies an archaeological wonder that rivals the legendary Machu Picchu in its mystique: the Lost City, or “Ciudad Perdida”. Discovered in 1972 by local treasure hunters, this ancient city, founded around 800 AD by the Tairona people, predates its more famous Peruvian counterpart by several centuries. Today, it offers a unique opportunity to connect with Colombia’s indigenous past.


Los Llanos

Los Llanos is one of Colombia’s most untrodden, culturally rich and biodiverse areas, and remains one of its best kept secrets. Embark on bespoke safaris to witness the majestic wildlife, including capybaras, anacondas, and hundreds of bird species, in their natural habitat. Enjoy excursions that reveal the secrets of this enchanting region, from its breathtaking landscapes to the cowboy culture of the local llaneros, who serenade the sunset with their traditional songs. 

Caño Cristales

Venture further into the heart of Colombia to experience the natural wonder of Caño Cristales, often referred to as the “River of Five Colors” or the “Liquid Rainbow”,  hidden within the Macarena province, a place where nature’s artistry is on vivid display. From late July to November, the riverbed is transformed into a kaleidoscope of colors, thanks to the unique aquatic plant Macarenia clavigera, which turns brilliant shades of red, pink, blue, green, and yellow under the sun.